Planning to transit the Panama Canal this coming dry season?

Please take in consideration the following:

If you choose to transit without using an official agent you may face different problems such as language barrier, the payment of a security deposit of US$850 which will be reimbursed to your bank account only after about 6-8 weeks, no insurance against problems during the transit, etc.

While choosing an official agent such as Match Shipping may represent agent fees a little higher, your insurance against this type of problems will be guaranteed, all paperwork for the transit will be handled by us, you will not have to worry about line handlers since we will provide them (if necessary), and daily and direct communication will be kept with ACP’s staff regarding your transit details, among other benefits.

The scope of the services provided by us is limited to the Captains’ request. That is, we will do our best to satisfy all your needs in order to guarantee a smooth transit through the Canal, and a tranquil stay in Panama City if required.

The Panama Canal Authority requires 96 hours advance notification of arrival for vessels wishing to transit the Panama Canal. For that reason, we require all our clients to confirm the transit date prior their arrival. That way, once they arrive, we have already coordinated the relevant inspection which is conducted by the Admeasurement Offices at Balboa or Cristobal and the yachts’ data will be already registered in the EDCS Electronic Collection System.

The waiting time for an inspection is normally 2-3 days after arrival in Panama, Monday – Friday. Inspections on Saturdays and Sundays incur overtime fees. However, with the relevant coordination and adequate communications, we can make the inspection to be conducted on your arrival.

As you can see, many benefits can be obtained from hiring our services, contact us for more information. We are eager to help you during your transit.

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