Panamá del canal

The official inauguration of the Panama Canal Expansion on June 24, 2017, after multiple delays due to economic inconveniences, the great work came to an end.

This is why in match shipping we want to let you in on a few figures to know a little more about this great work of engineering.

According to the Panama Canal website, where different rates are reported, the cost of crossing a ship is established according to the savings involved in taking advantage of this infrastructure rather than having to reach Cape Horn to cross from one ocean to another. Therefore, the cost depends mainly on the size.

Thus, for example, you can pay from 80,000 euros (the most common in container ships or bulk carriers) to 300,000 euros (which can mean a passenger cruise).

In the latter case, cruise ships pay according to their capacity. As a curiosity, if you decided to cross the canal in the usual pleasure boat that exists in many Spanish ports, it would cost you 2,000 dollars.

The ship chosen for the inaugural voyage is a Chinese ship (Cosco Shipping) with a capacity of 9,400 containers. It will have to pay, according to estimates, about 600,000 dollars to cross the renovated Panama Canal.

To complete a little more information about this infrastructure, let us say that:

– The Canal is the country’s main economic activity.

– It accounts for 6% of GDP.

– The Canal expansion will allow Panama to enter $2.5 billion a year as a result of larger ships crossing.

– A ship takes about 8 hours to cross the Canal, unlike the 10 days it would take to reach Cape Horn.

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