If it is more lucrative for the customer to let the driver wait other than to let him drive back later on, then our driver will do so!

We have years of experience in arranging crewchanges, especially in Panama, Colombia and Venezuela
We know the hectic world of shipping like no other. Bad weather, delays and vessels which change trade … an accident on board or a suddenly leaving crew member; that is the exciting Maritime world! It’s never the same, but there is always a solution.
We only have one target, to sign on your crew as fast as possible, as cheap as possible, fully certified and in every port.

Report crew change to local authorities
If a crewchange is carried out by us, this will be notified to the local agent. We also contact the agent to perform the transfer, and the ETA and berthing will be requested. The crewchange will also be reported to the local immigration police, if necessary.

Crew transport in Panama, Colombia and Venezuela.

We are the transportation company of the Maritime sector! Our drivers are familiar with the ports and will support your crew change in the most efficient manner.

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