Nene´s Marina, San Andres, Colombia

Nene´s Marina was built in 1982 offering marine services in the island of San Andres, Colombia. The Marina is located 12° 34´ 84″N / 81° 41´ 93″ W


  • Minimum depth of the Main Channel is 20 feet. 
  • We have 12 feet at the dock and the Side dock is up to 60 feet length and med mooring up to 130 feet. 
  • Power: 60Htz, 30A 120V single phase, 50A 220V single phase 
  • Fuel: Diesel, regular, extra 
  • Spa 
  • Grocery store with ice and water 
  • Customs paper work.
  • Boat delivery and provision of captain and crew 
  • WI-FI and  laundry 
  • Beach house accomodation 
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