Panama Canal Transit Agents

transit panama canal

We can provide you with information regarding navigational restraints, amendments to the regulation on navigation in Panama Canal waters, PCSOPEP requirements, regulation for admeasurement of vessels to assess tolls, tolls rates, transit booking.

The following information is required 96 hours prior to the  arrival of the vessel at Canal waters.

  • ETA
  • Ship due
  • Ship due for small crafts
  • Cargo declaration
  • Crew information
  • Passenger information
  • Preliminary admeasurement data sheet (only for first time transits)
  • Booking request and cancellation (optional – only for registered shipping agents).

We can advise you on:

  • Size and Draft Limitations of Vessels
  • Navigation Bridge Features Required of Transiting Vessels
  • Normal Conning Positions
  • Construction, Number and Location of Chocks and Bitts
  • Mooring Lines, Anchors and Deck Machinery
  • Flags and Pennants

Procedures for transiting the Panama canal

  • Advance Notification of Intention to Transit and Request for Inspection
  • Inspection will cover admeasurement, equipment requirements, deficiency and condition inspection and lockage arrangements. The captain will be requested to sign a release covering equipment on board not meeting the Panama Canal Authority requirements.
  • Pay Transit Expenses. As soon as possible after the inspection arrange payment to the Bank (Citibank) and later the same day contact Transit Operations to confirm payment has been registered and to place the yacht on the transit list. Normally a tentative transit date is given at the same time, which must be confirmed and followed up
  • Transit Schedule.

Southbound Transits (Cristobal – Balboa): Start in the afternoon and finish late at night (1500 to 2330hrs), or start late afternoon and finish the following day mid-afternoon with an overnight in Gatun Lake.
Northbound Transits (Balboa – Cristobal): Normally start around sunrise and finish the same day, late afternoon

  • Canal Advisers: The Adviser appointed by the Panama Canal Authority will be on board throughout your transit.
  • Cristobal Signal Station and Flamenco Signal Station Balboa (Panama Canal Authority) listen on Channels 12 & 16 and use these channels for Port and Canal movements.
  • Line Handlers. Any “handline” craft must have 4 line handlers (apart from the skipper), one for each of the 4 lines required.
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