When should you technical service to your ship?

Ships require specialized attention to avoid any inconvenience when sailing. However, we know that technical service to ships can be too expensive, and you must know when to go to the specialists in shipping mechanics to adjust all relevant details before putting your boat at sea.

Extend the life of your ship

The first thing you should know is that the maintenance of your boat is an investment, not an expense. Like any investment, it generates the immediate benefit for your boat to be in perfect conditions for sailing.

Having a boat in good condition is also synonymous with preserving your life and that of your crew members. A sea is a place that you have to know carefully before sailing, and those who know it recommend that it is better to prevent an incident than to face a setback in the open sea.

Although there is no specific period to take your boat for a mechanical check-up, it is advisable that you can do a quick check-up before each trip. In case too much time passes between one trip and another, it is recommended that the revisions have to be more deeper.

Finally, a complete checkup should be done periodically to ensure that the operation of each part of your boat is in optimal condition.

How can we help you?

If you need to give technical service to your boat, we can help you with our specialized workshops in Panama. Here, your boat will be checked by professionals in different areas within our spaces:

– Boilers
– Pipe
– Mechanical engineering
– Engines
– Electricity

All our professionals are highly qualified to provide you the best service. The experience and love for what we do are what drives us to be better for you every day.

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